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  1. Hassle free automated clearing within 8 hrs of a snow event over 1"
  2. Nearly unlimited visits ALL WINTER LONG
  3. Light Snow service available 0.5"-.99" 
  4. Get a picture texted to you of your driveway after each major plow
  5. All side walks and driveways included 
  6. Auto billing means you never have to be home or think about it
  7. Fully insured for your protection
  8. Guaranteed driveway "openings" during major snow events so you can always get in and out of your driveway 
  9. ​Guaranteed satisfaction
  10. De-icing free upon request

*Out of Los Angeles area until Fall​


Why not take a load off this winter? For less than the price of a snowblower, our seasonal agreement for residential customers gives you UNLIMITED SNOWFALL COVERAGE from November 1 to March 31, so you can rest assured your property will be clear of snow and ice all season long.

Service is unlimited and automatic, meaning that every time there is an inch of snow on the ground, our snow bird teams are there within 8 hrs to clear it. 

Snow Bird Service

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Serving the Greater
Salt Lake and Los Angeles* Areas

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*Restrictions apply for driveways over 75' long

Member International Window Cleaning Association

Automated clearing only

*$199/mo for up to 50 visits! 

Utah Snow Averages :

Nov = 7"  Dec = 10"  Jan = 11"  Feb = 10"  Mar = 6" 

That's 47" per year and 45 total snow events!  

Salt Lake County Sees 47" of snow per year

  1. Do you really want to buy & store a snowblower? 
  2. Do oil changes? 
  3. Pump up tires? 
  4. Buy fuel additive? 
  5. Carb maintenance? 
  6. Buy and store salt bags? 
  7. Buy and store a salt spreader?